Property of Vault-Tec Corporation

The Vault 54 Diaries is a work of fan fiction, set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Bethesda Softwork's video game Fallout 76.

The story centers around Jimmy, a Vault-Tec University junior, who is accepted into the vault as an intern. To earn his credits, Jimmy is tasked with logging everything he experiences into a variety of terminals throughout his stay.

It's through these terminals that we learn about the inner workings of Vault 54. From the onset of the Great War on day one, to the complacent early days of exploring his new surroundings, through the eventual conspiracy that will unravel before his eyes, Jimmy's diary takes the reader on a darkly comical what-if journey through the devestation of Fallout's world in the year 2077.

The Vault 54 Diaries was authored by SWAVcast (Andrew), a (retired?) twitch streamer, lover of everything Fallout, and all-around swell guy. For comments or questions, you can reach out to him through any of his social media channels.